Gaddis and Co
Oriental Jewellers, Egyptian Souvenirs and Publishers since 1907


Since 1907 Gaddis & Co have offered the very best service with all our items clearly priced and without the hassle that Luxor is known for. We have kept to "Our Creed" which you can read, as it was originally published, on the right of this page and our employees are still kept to the original "To Our Employees" notice which remains on display in Gaddis & Co and is written out in full further down this page.

To Our Employees

Tell the whole truth about merchandise even if it hurts.

Conceal nothing that the customer has a right to know.

If the article is a second, it must be so presented. Don't say it is just as good.

Be fair to the merchandise. Understate but never exaggerate - don't impose on poor dumb merchandise responsibilities it cannot bear.

Be civil not servile; be self-respecting.

Our Creed

1. Our Store will not importune anyone to buy.

2. Price of goods at the beginning are set down at lowest figure at which they can be sold and there is no under ground way to get better; all customers are on the ground floor from
the first.

3. Goods are genuine and trustworthy, and as stated, second are not sold for anything but second's, even if our clients are unable to tell the difference.

4. A sale can be cancelled easily and money refunded by simple return of what fail to please.

5. New fair and agreeable relation must be established between the seller and Purchaser whether he be poor or rich wise or unwise; there must be no favouritism.

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