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PHOTOS by Attaya Gaddis

In 1907, at the age of 18, Attaya Gaddis opened his photography studio in what is now Gaddis & Co. which remains to this day, in it's original location, below the veranda of the Old Winter Palace.

We have the cameras and equipment that Attaya Gaddis used on display and have many of his photographs in various sizes showing Egypt in a time of elegance where, for example, visitors to Luxor arrived by seaplane.

Attaya Gaddis took his large plate camera everywhere he went on his travels throughout Egypt photographing its people and places from the north to the south of the country making an historical record that is second to none.

Of about 3000 large plate glass negatives around 2000 remain in good condition allowing us to see a time that has past in such detail. Attaya Gaddis had a photographers eye making his pictures timeless and always interesting. Framed on any wall, an ideal gift to take home with you.

Our exclusive and very large collection of Attaya Gaddis photographs are available in many sizes including:

  • 35 x 50 cm photo, un-mounted
  • 24 x 30 cm photo, un-mounted
  • 19 x 30 cm photo, mounted 30 x 40 cm
  • 19 x 24 cm photo, mounted 30 x 35 cm
  • 13 x 21.5 cm photo, mounted 25 x 30 cm

As publishers we have also printed two books featuring the work of Attaya Gaddis. "Egypt's Native Son" is a hardback and "Memories from the Past" is a large paperback.

We have also published a pack of 24 postcards in book form.

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