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PRINTS David Roberts (1796-1864)

Anybody who has any interest in Egypt will have come across a David Roberts picture. Perhaps the name is not yet familiar to you but his work certainly will be. He, more than any other artist, captured the spirit of Egypt in his art.

Leaving his native Scotland David Roberts artistic journey throughout Egypt from Alexandria in the North to Abu Simbel in the south started in September of 1838. The Belgian engraver Louis Haghe produced lithographs from Roberts work and the first three volumes showing 124 of his paintings were published in London between 1846 and 1849. A further three volumes followed containing 123 new paintings made during his journey from Cairo to Petra and on to the Holy Land.

David Roberts prints are available in many sizes and four collections including:

  • 34 x 48 cm fine art print, un-mounted
  • Exclusive to Gaddis & Co 20 x 18 cm fine art prints, mounted 30 x 35 ready for framing

David Roberts Portfolio in four volumes, each with 10, 34 x 48 cm fine art prints:

  1. David Roberts - Cairo
  2. David Roberts - Pyramids
  3. David Roberts - Luxor
  4. David Roberts - Egypt

We have also published a pack of 24 postcards of David Roberts pictures in book form.

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